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Many of the Everyday Use desktops have very similar configuration but the price may vary significantly. We will compare a few of these desktops every week or so and show the difference in price with very similar configurations. The price difference often depends on if there is a deal going on for a particular desktop at the time. Dell, HP Lenovo, Samsung and Acer all have a variety of desktop models that fit into this category and we will give you a comparison of the prices and deals for the model if there is one. If you choose to take the deal or not is up to you. Either way, thanks for stopping by.

Everyday use desktops are great for the family room or a small office to take care of day to day computing tasks. They are perfect for homework or browsing Facebook, stuff like that. They often have a low-end processor, minimum memory and a sufficient sized hard drive to give you plenty of storage for your precious photos, videos or important documents you may need to store on the PC. If you plan on doing any extreme gaming or using processor hungry applications, then this series probably is not for you. Desktops usually have three categories that they fall into; Gaming, High Performance and Everyday Use. Gaming and high performance desktops have some pretty crazy specifications to keep up with the increased demand for computing power.

These desktops often come in different sizes but have the same hardware components stuffed in the case so don’t be afraid of the size of the PC. They have small form factors, mid-sized towers and larger towers in case you want to tackle an upgrade and beef up the computer a little bit. They also come in all-in-one models but they fall into a category all their own. Dell has the Inspiron models, HP has the Pavilion and Slimline. Lenovo has the IdeaCentre 300 series, Samsung has the ArtPC Pulse and Acer uses their classic Aspire naming convention.

There are usually deals for the everyday use desktops that change quite frequently. We will try to keep up with the deals and prices as they change but the prices shown below cannot be guaranteed by us on account of the frequency of the changes. We will change the models every week or so to keep up with the changing deals and prices. We will show similar comparisons based on the hardware specifications but the price is the one factor where sometimes there is a huge difference. Take the deal or not, the choice is yours.

Compare the Everyday Use Desktop Deals

Dell Inspiron Desktop
HP Pavilion - 570-p045xt
IdeaCentre 510a
Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10
7th Gen Intel Core i5-7400 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7400 7th Gen Intel Core i3-7100
1TB 7200RPM Hard drive 1TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive 1TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
Intel HD AMD Radeon Rx 460 Intel HD
fdcwgam203s V9B39AA#ABA 90GV0000US
$150 Instant Discount $50 Instant Discount $64 Instant Discount
Final Price
$549.99 $599.99 $365.49
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