Compare Everyday Use Laptop Deals

For this comparison, we will delve into the different models and prices of an everyday use laptop from the different computer makers. Many of these laptops have the same configurations but a very different price. Sometimes it depends on if there is a deal going on from the manufacturer. They have deals on PCs most of the time because these are hot sellers for the average consumer. Every week or so we will compare the specifications and prices of a few everyday use laptops from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung or Acer and give you a choice of whether or not to take the deal.

An everyday use laptop is kind of a broad category but one that is indeed in a class by itself. There are a few categories that laptops fall into; gaming, high performance, 2-in-1s and everyday use. The everyday laptops are on the low-end of the spectrum and made for the easiest of computing tasks like web browsing, word processing and things of that nature. This series would not do well with power hungry applications like AutoCAD or video editing. Not too good for PC gaming at the extreme level either. However, they are perfect for the average user that just needs a computer to check Facebook, emails, do taxes and maybe play a few simple games. Most of the laptops in the series have enough power to tackle anything that the average user may need to do on a daily basis.

These notebooks come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs ranging from 12” – 17” screen sizes. The different PC makers usually have a naming convention to keep the series on a separate level of computing tasks. HP has the Pavilion and HP models, Dell calls theirs Inspiron. Acer has the Aspire and Lenovo has a number system called the 300 or 500 series. Some of these pack enough power in them to make them close to being in the high performance category. They usually have an adequate processor, memory and hard drive without fitting into the performance category.

The one common thing about everyday use laptops is that they all usually have deals to give you a chance to save some cash. Those deals change frequently. We will try to keep the prices updated to reflect the deals but cannot guarantee that they will be always be correct because they can change on a daily basis with little or no notice. We will keep this on an unbiased level so as not to tell you which one stacks up the best. Check out the specifications and the prices and come up with a verdict of your own.

Compare the Everyday Use Laptop Deals

Inspiron 15 5000
HP Pavilion 15t
Lenovo IdeaPad 320
Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10
7th Gen Intel Core i7-7500U 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7500U 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7500U
1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive
AMD Radeon R7 M445 Intel HD 620 Intel HD 620
15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080) 15.6" HD+ SVA (1366 x 728) 15.6" FHD AntiGlare (1920x10808)
Touch Screen
No No No
dncwg2372h 2DX36AV_1 80XL035WUS
$100 Instant Discount $520 Instant Discount $120 Instant Discount
Final Price
$699.99 $549.99 $629.99
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