Compare High Performance Desktop Deals

Most of the computer manufacturers have a series of desktops that classify as a high performance model. They usually have pretty much the same specifications with the main difference being the price. Each week we will compare a few systems from Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer or Samsung with the comparison focus being on the price. Sometimes there is a shocking difference in price compared to the similar specs, others times the prices may not be too different. Most of the time there is a deal on the computer that makes the difference. There is a lot of competition for your business, and with that competition comes lower prices.

High performance desktops are step above everyday use desktops and a step below hard-core gaming systems. They are typically used for applications that need a little extra power to be productive. Those applications usually deal with large amounts of data or visualizations. These desktops could also be used for some moderate gaming and video editing as well. Gaming desktops are in another category by themselves. These desktops are usually beefed up with a good amount of memory, a fast processor and dedicated graphics cards.

The PC manufacturers have names for the systems like the Dell XPS, the HP ENVY, the IdeaCentre Y series and the Acer Aspire. Some of these blur the line between high performance and gaming but there is a difference because they all name their gaming systems something different. Could they be used for gaming? Yes but not all of them. Some PC games push even the most powerful hardware to the limits and a simple high performance desktop would not quite be enough to handle the extreme graphics and processor intensive resources needed to play.

The one common thing about high performance desktops is that they all usually have deals to give you a chance to save some money. Those deals change frequently. We will try to keep the prices updated but cannot guarantee that they will be always be correct. We are not going to try to tell you which one is the best deal. That decision is up to you.

Compare the High Performance Desktop Deals

Dell XPS Tower
HP ENVY Desktop
IdeaCentre 720
Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10
7th Gen Intel Core i7-7700 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7700 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7700
1TB Optane Acc Hard Drive 1TB Hard Drive 1TB Hard Drive + 128GB SSD
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 AMD Radeon RX 460
ddcwvmxopt148b V9B58AA#ABA 90H00000US
$150 Instant Discount $100 Instant Discount $150 Instant Discount
Final Price
$1,099.99 $899.99 $849.99
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